VelVa Sheen

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Velva Sheen, manufactured in Cincinnati and dating back to 1932, found it’s heyday as a pioneer in licensed and custom apparel printing. After changing hands in the mid 90s, Cincinnati’s own sportswear company was ultimately lost amidst receding economic tides. Enter Topwin company. Topwin’s passion for American heritage brands has given Velva Sheen new life after recently purchasing the rights to the brand.

What’s great about the current stewards of Velva Sheen is their undying respect for the Cincinnati original. The clothing is manufactured at Topwin’s facility in California paying homage to the brand’s roots by recreating the original tags, packaging, and production style. “Cincinnati, OH, MADE IN USA” is proudly displayed on the same tags you would’ve found back in the day. Most of the t-shirts are made as close to the originals as possible many even strictly adhere to the garment’s original tubular knit construction. These are garments made with all of the quality and detailing of the past and yet thoroughly modern in approach and wearability. 




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